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Tailor App is flexible and trusted tailoring software, specifically designed for tailor shops. It automates the manual tasks and ensures smoother and faster management.

We have made Tailor App’s user interface very simple and easy to use.

Tailor App is a free, feature-rich mobile application that will help Tailoring Shop owners, Boutique owners and Freelance tailors manage thier tailoring orders electronically with few taps.

With Tailor App, you will get a digital book for all your tailoring jobs. Tailor App is designed to help tailors and fashion designers organize jobs and optimize performance. The App keeps track of all your orders, customers data and measurements in a single place. It can be used efficiently by Tailoring shops or Boutiques.

Tailor App is a complete solution for tailors and fashion designers. It helps to manage all customer measurements, orders/sales, customers, income, expenses, so you can keep things organized and get a detailed report of your fashion business while you concentrate on other important things.

Record customer’s measurements accurately with software-based database and access from anywhere.

Track order and their payment status, send SMS alerts once it ready to delivery.

Benefits of Implementing Tailoring Management Software
Tailor Shop HR & Payroll Management
Using this software, you can collect your employee’s insights including their overall performance, salary, no. of working days, leaves, and personal details precisely in the tailoring management system. It’s easier to generate reports of your employees’ performances, compare these reports, and distribute incentives based on their work.

Moreover, your employees can access the system for smoother operations using their username and password.

Tailor Shop POS Dashboard
Even if there’s no internet connection due to the network issue, you can rest assured that all the transactions that took place offline will be recorded in the system as soon as it re-connects to the internet. Tailor software allows app integration i.e. connecting third-party apps to the software.

Tailor Shop Track & Managing Orders
No need to worry about manual errors in order processing. All the information related to the customer’s order is recorded in one system separately. The system allows the shop owner to track the status of the order based on certain categories such as finished task, paid, delivered, payment due, work-in-progress, and more.

You only have to type the name or contact information of the customer to check all their current orders and work status. Even users are notified about the status of their orders through this automated system.


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