Best Digital Menu Solution For Restaurants in Nigeria 2021 Reviews & Pricing



Engage your customer with beautiful and stunning tablet menu with food images and enrich their dine-out experience

Streamline your ordering process

It’s an easy to use, all-inclusive menu & ordering system. Take orders directly from your menu and integrate your menu with your POS and kitchen printer to streamline your ordering process! Follow your orders through the control panel for the easiest way of order management.

Impress your customers with your own digital menu

Your tablet, delivery&pick-up menu – ZERO Commision

Our user-friendly, easy-to-use web interface makes it easy to create your digital menu in no time at all. You can customize your digital restaurant menu and manage your orders from anywhere with all your data stored securely in the cloud. And if you find yourself getting stuck, our support team is on call to help 24/7.

FineDine Tablet Menu
Increase sales up to 50-60% with tablet menu
Update your menu with one click

Perfect images & videos for menu items

Fast, error-free ordering process
Promote items, track customer behavior
Collect feedback easily

FineDine Delivery & Pick-up Menu

Your menu on customers smartphone
Customers see your menu without any app

Share your URL with your customers on social media for Delivery & Pick-up options

Add your phone number if you want for a phone call orders

Environment & budget-friendly new menu

Start taking online Delivery & Pick-up orders

FineDine Kiosk
Eliminates waiting lines
Customer checks out what’s in the menu quickly by themselves
Improve order accuracy with super fast, user-friendly interface
Great walk-in attraction
Minimize employee costs
Eliminate the need for waiter for order process

Make your menu items sell themselves with images, videos, features
and detailed descrptions.

Contactless menu

Stay within the recommendations to fight COVID-19 with this new feature, your customers doesn’t need to touch or browse any menus, all they have to do is scan a QR code or visit a link that will display your digital menu with the photos, info, up-selling items..etc, the contactless menu can be easily updated in a min from your control panel and can be opened using any device or tablet.

Self order

Your guests can take their time with the digital menu and highlight the items they want to order, then your staff member can visit the table, re confirm the order and place it. we had kept the high standard of service in our mind while making this feature, therefore the Self order feature only allows the guest to highlight the items they want to order, then your staff member comes and takes the order further.

Photos and videos

Restaurants can add show-off their dishes with a gallery of images and/or videos for items, each items can take up to 3 images and a video of up to 30 seconds, videos will play first and the guest can swipe to between them to view the gallery

Update the food menu in a minute

Say good bye to re-printing or covering items on the paper menu or saying sorry item is not available, with Digimenu you can add, delete, disable or edit any dish, category or menu in under a minute

Collect feedback

With our dynamic feedback module that includes stars and comments you will be able to collect guests feedback in an elegant manner.
All feedback will be collected and stored in the device whether it’s online or offline until the next time you sync it with the server.

eMenu system (electronic menu) is an interactive restaurant ordering system. Digital menu on iPad or Android Tablet displays colorful photos and presents menu items at their best. With eMenu your Guest can easily browse through multiple categories and variety of items to find those which suit his taste. Add items to the cart and place “Send Order” button. It’s simple as that. Order will be immediately printed at the Kitchen. And that’s just a few of many other features offered by eMenu. Guests can easily call for service or even self-checkout and pay their orders with bank cards. And there’s no need to wait for service, no need to call waiter to make an order or request checkout. Online orders sent via eMenu instantly arrive to the Kitchen and will be ready in due time.

eMenu runs on any of 3 most popular Tablet OS platforms: iOS, Android and Windows. And thanks to flexible system architecture, licencing, pricing and multiple installation options, eMenu can be deployed in a restaurant even with the most limited budget.

Electronic menu can be integrated with restaurant POS systems like Micros, rKeeper, iiko, Info Genesis, POSitouch, techni-web, Transight, Frontol, Tillypad and many others. We constantly expand the list of POS system integrated with eMenu.

Interactive digital menu ordering system makes sure that Guests will experience your hospitality in full measure and appreciate high class service offered at your restaurant. Encountering eMenu for the 1st time always brings bright emotions and satisfaction. And since we all get used to good things in our lives all too soon, most likely your Guest will return and bring his family and friends with him.

Restaurant electronic menu is an effective tablet based solution for your business development. Self Ordering system cuts costs on stuff and menu printing and drives up your earnings as well as guest experience.

eMenu principal purposes are:

— To increase revenue and business efficiency;

— To raise customer loyalty and attract new Guests;

— To create hospitable atmosphere combining high tech, bright emotions and comfort;

— To provide universal means of communication with Customers, which informs Guests about season novelties and additional services;

— To improve quality and speed up order processing;

— To reduce personnel work load and associated stuff costs.

Contemporary digital means of communication makes information exchange fast and easy. And it’s especially important to make the best of modern technologies in Hospitality sector, where Guests can’t afford waiting and waiters still have only 2 legs and 2 hands. We developed eMenu to solve both problems.

Maximum effectiveness, time saving and Customer care are our priorities as we constantly enhance eMenu software to meet Guests and Restaurant Owners expectations. Investing into high tech solutions ensures your business success and prosperity. And it’s especially true for Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts where a significant number of Guests should be served promptly and provided with individual experience. That’s exactly what eMenu is meant for. It helps you to meet all these challenges and succeed.

Restaurant Interactive Self-ordering system reduces stuff workload and takes upon itself most of the routine so that you won’t need to hire any extra personnel even during high season. Digital menu system is a self-evident basis of saving.

Rendering prompt and high class service to your Customers is the toughest task for modern Hospitality sector. With eMenu your Guests won’t have to wait till someone finally notices them and takes their order. No more need in endless attempts to catch sight of the waiter only to get finally checked out. Just a couple of taps on a Tablet menu and Orders instantly fly to the Kitchen. A couple more clicks and Waiter is already on his way to the table with a bill. Moreover eMenu offers you a universal instrument that accumulates feedback from your Guests and helps analyzing it, so you could close all the gaps in your service.

Wide range of eMenu features will enhance your business and bring your service to a level which is beyond reach of your competitors. Restaurant digital menu running on iPads or Android Tablets is a flexible, yet simple and handy self-ordering solution. Adding and removing items, customizing User interface and configuring special promotions have never been so easy. With eMenu you can even configure special advertising campaigns with videos and animations to promote your season novelties or your partner’s products and services.

eMenu System is powerful menu management tool providing individual positive experience to your every single Guest.

Promptly create offers and intimate customers on the same

If you are in the mood to give a free brownie to your diners today, it’s just a few simple steps and you are good to get it rolling. Or if you have an offer in mind that you want to give on a specific day, simply pre-schedule it from our system. Grab more orders and customers with these offers that can be managed swiftly from our control panel.

Best School Management Software in Nigeria 2021 Reviews & Pricing

School management systems are designed and developed to help educational institutions better manage routine operations.

Such operations include enrolling students, managing student data, producing reports, managing attendance, fees and finances and facilitating communication between students, parents and staff.

School management systems are broadly classified based on whether they are on-premise or cloud-based.

On premise solutions are hosted on computers or servers within school premises while cloud-based solutions are remotely hosted and accessible via the World Wide Web.

While both on-premise and cloud-based solutions have their pros and cons, cloud-based solutions have become increasingly popular in Nigeria and across Africa owing to the increase in internet penetration.

A review of the top 5 cloud-based school management systems in Nigeria was carried out and the findings are as follows:

Quick School Manager

Quick School Manager is a cloud-based school management system that easily automates all school activities, saves time and money and makes managing educational institutions easy and efficient.

Quick School Manager is easy to use and has features for automating routine school activities.

It also has modules for managing students, staff and parents and facilitating communication across all school stakeholders.

With over 50 “how to” videos showing how to perform most tasks, it is relatively easy for new schools to get up and running with Quick School Manager.

  • Free plan: Yes (Free for 30 students and below)
  • Pricing model: Annual subscription
  • Price plans: QSM Pro – N144,000 per annum (unlimited students) & QSM Pro Plus – N180,000/annum (unlimited students)

Schools Focus

School Focus is a school management system whose aim is to build reputable school brands, raise productivity and manage school operations more efficiently.

They offer better and easier class management, better communication and insight, help in reducing the school’s workload.

Their goal is to provide a one-stop solution for schools and to help them adopt a digital-oriented culture with greater ease.

They also provide schools with a free school website and assist in school marketing.

The price plans termly for its standard advanced and premium per students are N350, N550 and N750, while that of yearly for the same package are N1,000, N1,500 and N2,000

  • Free plan: Yes (Free for 50 students and below)
  • Pricing model: Per student


BlueBic empowers Educators to build fast-growing, efficient, and stress-free schools, by combining all tools necessary for running a modern school into one platform that is simple, flexible, and reliable.

Via a comprehensive dashboard and robust notification system, BlueBic provides easy access to the information school administrators need and prides itself on simplicity, flexibility and reliability.

BlueBic provides a wide range of features targeted at specific personas such as teachers, students, parents and administrators.

  • Free plan: None
  • Pricing model: information unavailable
  • Price plans: information unavailable


SAF SMS prides itself as the school management system that is simple, affordable and flexible.

It aims to drive students’ learning experience, enhance parents’ engagement, improve teachers’ productivity and reduce cost while raising efficiency.

SAF SMS has modules and features for records management, finance management, grading, assessments, timetables, expenses and inventory to name a few.

  • Free plan: None
  • Pricing model: information unavailable
  • Price plans: information unavailable

School Software Pro

School software Pro is an all-in-one solution for schools (primary and secondary), groups of schools as well as colleges, polytechnics and universities.

The product’s aim is to manage the entire lifecycle of a student from admission to alumni.

School Software Pro has 53+ features to Teach, Learn, Examine and Manage Employees, Students, Parents and Administrators.

The price plan for per term and yearly for 200 students & below are N65,000 and N170,000 respectively, while that of unlimited students remains N100,000 and N270,000 per term and year respectively

  • Free plan: None
  • Pricing model: Annual and termly subscriptions


Edumaze is a cloud-based school management solution catering to businesses of all sizes in the education industry. Core features assist users to manage school administration, generate custom reports, administer the enrollment and admissions process and track communications.

Edumaze lets users track bus routes, broadcast emergency notifications and track the progress of courses. The solution provides attendance tracking and gradebook customization. Users can create student profiles, which can be accessed by parents and teachers to view student performance, attendance and teacher notes. Edumaze also allows schools to manage scheduled appointments and walk-ins.

Edumaze enables users to design custom curriculums based on different competencies and automate the lessons mapping with the school calendar. The solution allows educational institutes to communicate with staff, parents and students through bulletin board posts, emails, group messages and through parent or student portals. The school administration can set role-based access to the reports generated.

Edumaze offers services on a subscription basis and customer support is available via phone, email and online consultation.

  • Free plan: None
  • Pricing model: Annual and termly subscriptions

Get Edumaze here

Hotels are classified according to the hotel size, location, target markets, levels of service, facilities provided, number of rooms, ownership and affiliation etc. Let us look at the classification of Hotels in Nigeria.

Hospitality and Tourism Establishments are required to be graded and classified based on the minimum operating standards of the facilities and the services provided, managed and maintained in each Grade or Class of such establishment.

A review of the various Grading or Classification Criteria in different countries reveals the following common minimum requirements for each Class or Grade of Hotel, Restaurant, or such other Hospitality Establishment. Some of these minimum requirements are examined in the following paragraphs.

Grading & Classification of Hotels in Nigeria


A One-Star Hotel has some modest, limited range of facilities, furnishing and refreshment with at least ten (10) ensuite bedrooms. It adheres to a high standard of facilities-wide cleanliness. Such Hotels generally have an accessible location with onsite representatives on a 24 hour, seven days a week basis.


This grade of Hotel offers a higher standard of accommodation, with at least 20 better-equipped ensuite bedrooms than a One Star Hotel. Each Guest Room must have a telephone and a coloured television. It must also have a minimum parking area for at least 10 guests cars.


This grade of Hotel offers more spacious, nicer, better-equipped furnished ensuite rooms when compared to One Star and Two Star Hotels. It also has high-class decorations, coloured television in the ensuite rooms, showers, central air-conditioning, valet and room service, one or more bars and lounges in the Hotel, on-site Restaurant, and a small fitness centre with a standard swimming pool. It must also have a minimum of 30 ensuite rooms in a more high-brow location of the City where it is located.


A Four Star Hotel comes with exceptionally well furnished ensuite rooms, with central air-conditioning, room and valet service, excellent restaurant and cuisine, concierge, porterage and luggage handling services, laundry, standard swimming pool and other recreational facilities. The location and environment where the Hotel is situated should be suitable for a Hotel with international standards. A Four Star Hotel also offers at least 50 ensuite rooms – 20% of which must be Suites and 25% must be single rooms.

A Four Star Hotel must also have at least one serviced elevator for its Guests, and another service elevator for its staff. Other facilities that it must have include: – fire detection facilities, closed circuit television (CCTV), a dining room, an internationally trained Manager, car park for at least 50 cars, Reception/Information Counter, Conference and Banquets Halls. At least 70% of its employees must be professionally trained.


This is usually an internationally recognised branded Hotel, offering the highest standards and luxuries in its premises, with some of the finest architecture, ambience, accommodation, amenities, range of top-class guests and services provided. A Five Star Hotel should have a gym, a bigger sized Swimming Pool, Cuisines, more than one Restaurant, Casino, on-site shopping facilities and other in-premises recreational facilities.

A Five Star Hotel also offers at least one serviced lift/elevator for its Guests and another lift for its employees and goods. It must have at least 100 bedrooms; 25% of these rooms must be Suites and 20% must be Single Rooms. It must also have Gardens,  a Lawn or Roof Garden, Reception and Information Centre, 24hours Concierge and Porter Service, a central Air-Conditioning System, CCTV, Wake-up Call Service, Conference and Banquet Halls, at least 2 Restaurants, Dining Rooms, 24hours coffee shop, a well-equipped Bar and a Car Park for at least 50 Guest cars.

Its manager must be internationally trained and should speak, where possible, more than one internationally recognised language. At least 80% of its other personnel must be trained in providing the highest quality of hospitality services.

Classification of Restaurants

For Restaurants, their classification or grading is usually in One, Two, Three or Four Crown classification.

It is an offence for any owner or Manager of any Hospitality, Leisure or Tourism Establishment to use any Star or Crown other than the one approved by the Hospitality Regulator. Fines and terms of imprisonment apply where such owner or manager is found guilty of any grading or classification infraction.

The Hospitality Regulator also has the legal authority to seal any business premises that constantly breaches any of the above Grading or Classification Regulations.


A nationally transparent, buyers and sellers accepted good-faith Criteria and Regulations for the grading and classifying of Hotels and other Hospitality Establishments is very important in building consumer confidence and trust in the Hospitality, Tourism and other leisure sectors of the economy.

This was curled from Londa Hotels Travel Magazine

The most used phrase in Nigeria is the phrase “How Far”. If you are a Nigerian or you’re in Nigeria, you know exactly what I am talking about. If you are not, let me break it down for you.

  • How far is a greeting, like how you say good morning, good afternoon etc.
  • How far is a question like How are you doing? What is going on with you? What is going on with the project etc.
  • How far is used to ask what is wrong with this guy? eg. How far this guy now? Like is he okay.
  • How far is also the question asking how far is the journey or something

So next time you hear How Far in Nigeria, be sure to know the context it’s being said so that you respond appropriately. How far is the most used phrase in Nigeria. If you know another popular phrase which beats how far or is close, please let us know in the comments section

Logo Design Service Company in Nigeria

You only get one first impression. Get it right the first time

At Fortran House, you’re not just buying a logo…you’re investing in a creative process. Our proven design process, driven by our talented team of designers has made us an award winning logo design company with experience in various styles, across all industries, throughout the world.

Your Brand design starts with a logo. A unique outstanding logo is the best foundation for building your brand

Our logo designers create 100% unique designs from scratch, resulting in a memorable masterpiece to proudly represent your visually brand identity.
No shortcuts, no templates, no clip-art, no nonsense.

Branding that stands out. We are your secret weapon when it comes to beating out the local competition

We approach the logo design process uniquely, proceeding only after a thorough analysis of your plans and ideas. As an established logo design company since 2007, we know what it takes to convert thoughts, vision, and ideas into a visual symbol of recognition. We make sure that your logo becomes the true representative of your brand identity.

3 Steps to getting your Logo




What Logo Design Package includes

  • 3 Initial Design Concepts
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions
  • 1 Color Profile Rendering

Price for Logo Design

Price start from 5,000 Naira.

Contact us for your Logo Design Today

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How to Run a Successful Delivery Company During COVID-19


The COVID-19 outbreak has completely changed the way we live, the way we do business, and the way our economy functions as a whole. Many states are still in lockdown. More people are being asked to work from home. Video conferencing and Zoom have replaced face-to-face interactions. 


And with so many people being asked or choosing to spend the majority of their time at home, it’s been an especially difficult time for many small businesses.


But there’s one business model that’s booming in the midst of the coronavirus crisis—and that’s home delivery.


More consumers than ever are turning to delivery services to get the products they need (for example, downloads of the grocery delivery app Instacart increased a whopping 218 percent from February, before the pandemic really hit in the US, to March, when stay at home orders started to roll out across the United States). So, if you want to continue to drive sales, you should definitely consider pivoting your operations and moving towards a delivery model to better serve your customers.


But how, exactly, do you do that? Let’s take a deep dive into how business owners can run a successful delivery company during the COVID-19 crisis (and continue to drive sales and revenue as we navigate  the new normal):

Figure out how to pivot your business model to delivery

If delivery is uncharted territory for you and you’re offering delivery services for the first time, the first step to running a successful delivery company? Figure out how to pivot your current business model to delivery.


How to successfully pivot to delivery is going to depend on your business, your customers, and your bandwidth, but some questions you’ll want to keep in mind when figuring out your delivery strategy include:


  • How will we deliver to our customers? Are we planning to partner with a third-party delivery service or are we going to handle deliveries in house?
  • Are we going to be delivering our full product offerings or selected products? So, for example, if you’re a restaurant, are you going to be offering your full menu for food delivery or a limited menu of delivery-only items? Or, if you run a chain of grocery stores, are you going to list every item in your store for delivery or are you going to focus your delivery service on surplus inventory?
  • What additional support do we need to pivot to delivery services (for example, additional staff, delivery bikes or vehicles, packaging, etc.)
  • What kind of opportunity does delivery add to my business? For example, if the majority of your customers are within a five-mile radius of your business, there would be a lot of financial opportunity in delivery services—but if your customers are spread throughout the state, building an e-commerce website and shipping your products might make more sense.

Handle the logistics

Once you’ve figured out how to pivot towards delivery, it’s time to tackle the logistics of adding delivery services to your business.


While every business will have different logistical issues, some of the logistical tasks you’ll definitely want to tackle before launching delivery services include:


  • Figure out your costs. Your delivery business isn’t going to be sustainable if you’re spending more money to deliver your products to your customers than you’re making on each sale; you need a positive cash flow to make it work. Look at all the costs associated with making deliveries (including gas and labor) to determine the minimum order amount and maximum delivery area that makes sense for your business. So, for example, you might deliver within a 5-mile radius for orders over $15—and any orders below $15 or outside of your delivery area would only be eligible for pick-up/take-out.
  • Adjust your inventory and supply chain management as necessary. When you move your business from an in-person to a delivery model, you might need to adjust your inventory and supply chain management to support your new business needs. So, for example, if you run a clothing boutique, you’re not going to need as many in-store display items (like hangers or racks)—but you are going to need more boxes and bags to package your deliveries—or if you’re a restaurant and you’re shifting towards a limited delivery menu, you’re going to need to adjust your ingredient ordering to support your new dishes.
  • Figure out staffing. Just like your supply needs may change when you pivot to delivery, so might your staffing needs. As you’re moving towards a delivery model, look at your current staffing and scheduling and determine how you’ll need to adjust to support your delivery services (for example, hiring delivery drivers or scheduling more staff to fill delivery orders during busy shifts). 
  • Look into additional insurance needs. If you’re going to be handling deliveries in-house and transportation wasn’t a part of your prior business model, you may need to get additional insurance coverage to cover yourself and your business in the case of an accident or injury. Talk to your insurance company to see which option is the best fit for your business. 

Develop a system for managing delivery orders

When it comes to deliveries, there are a lot of moving parts; you need to keep track of your orders, collect payment, assign orders to delivery drivers, and make sure that each order is making it to your customer quickly, efficiently, and with each item they ordered and paid for. Without a clear system in place for managing your delivery orders, things can quickly devolve into chaos.


Which is why you need a system in place from the get-go. Before you launch your delivery services, you need a clear plan in place for:


  • How customers submit orders (for example, will you be taking phone orders or should customers place delivery orders for your website?)
  • How customers submit payment 
  • How orders are fulfilled (for example, who is in charge of fulfilling orders as they come in? How long are you estimating it will take to fill orders?)
  • How to assign delivery times
  • How to check orders are accurate before they’re sent out for delivery
  • How to assign orders for delivery drivers
  • How to confirm orders are delivered and received by the customer

Once you’ve developed your delivery system, it’s important to make sure you implement any necessary technology (for example, secure payment processing or an order processing system) and train your staff. That way, when you launch your delivery service, everyone knows exactly how to take, fulfill, and deliver orders to your customers.

Spread the word about your delivery services

You can’t run a successful delivery company if no one knows you’re offering delivery services. So, one of the most important aspects of launching delivery? Getting the word out.


If you want your delivery services to take off, you need to let people know that you’re offering delivery. If you’ve been closed, email your customers to let them know you’re reopening as a delivery service. Share discount codes on your social media profiles to encourage your customers to order delivery. Look for creative ways to generate buzz around your new delivery services, like partnering with other small business owners to deliver local product packages or offering free delivery for frontline healthcare workers.


The point is, a clear marketing strategy is a key part of building any successful business—and if you want your delivery service to succeed, you need to spread the word to as many customers as possible.

Implement safety measures for your customers and delivery staff

The well-being of your customers and delivery personnel needs to be top priority when you’re delivering in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic—and that means taking the necessary safety precautions to protect them.


Make sure your team is practicing social distancing and taking proper sanitation measures when fulfilling delivery orders. Provide face masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves to your entire delivery staff. Offer contactless delivery options to minimize exposure between delivery personnel and customers. 


In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, you can’t be too safe, so make sure you’re taking any safety precautions recommended from the CDC and World Health Organization and are doing everything necessary to protect yourself, your staff, and your customers.

Deliver your way to a more sustainable business

There’s no denying that  small businesses have been hit hard by COVID-19. But by adding delivery services to your current business model, you can build a more sustainable business to carry you through these uncertain times—and emerge stronger on the other side.


This article was contributed by Deanna deBara and originally posted on

Port-Harcourt the Garden City (locally known as PITAKWA) is one of Nigeria’s richest and largest cities, capital of oil-rich Rivers State, and a tourist dream destination. This post lists some of the relaxing & fun things to do in Port Harcourt.
The city is a stunning haven for businesses and tourism, with a wide variety of attractions and historical landmarks. You can spend a month in the Garden City without getting bored, so while you’re in PITAKWA, here are some relaxing and interesting things you could do

1. Have a taste of Port-Harcourt’s sumptuous BOLE

A visit to the Garden City would be incomplete without having a taste of the local cuisine known as BOLE, which is plantain and fish, grilled over a red hot charcoal and served with a peppery palm oil sauce. This local cuisine can be purchased on a street corner, where the indigenous women specially prepare the meals. You only need an empty stomach and a large appetite because with just one bite, you’re hooked!

2. Pleasure Park

Pleasure park is like a little paradise where people would come from far and wide to visit, have fun, chill and relax.
Port-Harcourt Pleasure Park is a public recreational center, located along Aba road on an expansive open land with nature all around. It has different kinds of attractions which include games, rides, a relaxation center, entertaining events and a boat cruise which you would certainly love.
Pleasure park is like a little slice of paradise where people would come from far and wide to visit, have fun, chill and relax.
The prime relaxation center has a climbing tower, fitness machines, football pitches, a mini golf course, restaurants, mobile gyms, etc. It is the place to be…

3. Going To The Movies

Are you looking for the perfect way to spend your day in Port-Harcourt? A pack of popcorn, drinks on the side and a thrilling movie is "just what the doctor ordered" for you to have an amazing and relaxing time alone or with friends and loved ones.

Are you looking for the perfect way to spend your day in Port-Harcourt? A pack of popcorn, drinks on the side and a thrilling movie is “just what the doctor ordered” for you to have an amazing and relaxing time alone or with friends and loved ones.
Film House Cinema and Genesis Cinema are the ideal places to cool off, with perfect audio and video settings, comfy seats, and plenty of leg room, meaning you can lean back, breathe, and enjoy your movie in a fully air conditioned room filled with funny and opinionated people.
From cult classics, to brand new releases, both foreign and Nigerian, watch your favorite movies come to live on a big screen, right here in the Garden City.

4. Shopping

It's been said that the newly commissioned NEXT mega shopping mall is arguably the biggest shopping mall in Nigeria, and it is located right here in Port-Harcourt the Garden City.

It’s been said that the newly commissioned NEXT mega shopping mall is arguably the biggest shopping mall in Nigeria, and it is located right here in Port-Harcourt the Garden City. The shopping mall sits on a whooping 11,000 square meters of land, making it the delight of patrons Nation-wide on a daily basis.
From luxurious boutiques to large departmental stores, offering a wide variety of products, it is safe to say that you’ll find all you need and much more in this overwhelmingly gigantic facility. You will indeed have a shopping experience.

5. Karaoke & Singing

If you love Karaoke and good music, then De Office is just the right place for your evening relaxation.

If you love Karaoke and good music, then De Office and other karaoke bars will be happy to welcome you for your evening relaxation.
Most of them located at GRA, it is without the shadow of a doubt, the best sports and karaoke bar are found in this location,  where you can relax, have fun and unwind in the most friendly environment, backed up with cozy couches, mouth-watering dishes, cool drinks and great music. You’re definitely gonna have a good time.

6. Drinks, Food & Friends

Beer Barn is one of the popular bars in Port-Harcourt where you can go to relax in the evening, have a beer or two with some small chops, enjoy good vibes and great music.

Beer Barn & other sit out out lounges in Port-Harcourt prove to be where you can go to relax in the evening, have a beer or two with some small chops, enjoy good vibes and great music.

7. Swimming

Londa Poolside is your best bet to get wet and relaxed at the same time. At the pool side, while swimming there is relaxing music, food & drinks menu to place order from.
So, while sitting and enjoying your chilled glass of beer (or what ever your poison), take a moment to observe the pictures on the wall as well as the out burst of positive energy all around you.


There are so many lovely things to do here in Port Harcourt. Apart from these various activities, you can have a tour guide that tells you of any new spots. Visit londahotels for affordable and quality accommodation services in Port Harcourt

My Menu a digital menu platform for restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs to take contactless orders and accept payments, making menus more accessible and restaurants becoming COVID-19 compliant overnight.


Mobile devices have emerged as one of the most essential features of modern living. We use them to order food, shop, ride share, and entertain. They play a crucial part in managing our tasks, keeping us informed, and communicating in all kinds of ways. Likewise, mobile development—creating new tools and capacities never before imagined—moves quickly.


Seeking help is often the first step towards getting and staying well, but it can be hard to know how to start or where to turn to. It’s common to feel unsure, and to wonder whether you should try to handle things on your own. But it’s always ok to ask for help – even if you’re not sure you are experiencing a specific mental health problem.