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What is Phishing in Internet Security: Its Dangers and The Future

  This post looks to address the issue of Phishing, a major topic in internet security for decades now. The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary defines the term Phishing as “the activity of tricking people by getting them to give their identity, bank account numbers, etc. over the Internet or by email, and then using these to steal money from them”. As simple as it may seem for a lame man it’s a major problem in

Software Engineers: What Do They Do?

What image comes to your mind when you think “Software Engineer?” A super-genius-type who creates things out of thin air – like Bill Gates or Alan Turing? Or someone in a dark room, listening to techno music and typing furiously on the computer – like in The Matrix? Maybe you envision a corporate-style engineer – wearing headphones and going to scrum meetings in an office. Or a freelance “digital nomad” engineer who codes from a

Challenges Facing Internet of Things

  The Internet of things (IoT) is taking the arena by means of hurricane. The tens of millions of linked sensors and smart gadgets which are being deployed on a daily foundation in houses, places of work, towns or even on our people are growing.