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Best Facilities Management App in Nigeria

Facilities Access Real-Time Facility Data Efficiently manage building, property, and maintenance activities from anywhere. Start Free Trial What is CloudApper Facilities? The powerful CloudApper facility management software simplifies your facility operations and asset maintenance management. This easy-to-use web and mobile app helps employees save time by providing instant access to facility details, operating data, and emergency procedures. No More Blinders With CloudApper Facilities, you can access important data about facility operations in real-time, from a

Best Fleet Management App in Nigeria

Fleet Easily manage your vehicle operations in real time! Start Free Trial Watch Demo What is CloudApper Fleet? CloudApper Fleet is a fleet management app that helps organizations automate tasks related to vehicle maintenance, service, accidents, and operator usage. Users can access real-time information from their smartphone and record data such as video clips to improve efficiency and productivity. Save on Fuel & Maintenance Costs Track and observe your fleet operation’s daily driving logs, optimize

Hayat Lambert Total Deploys SalesQ to Manage Their Petroleum Oil & Gas Sales Distribution and Stock Levels

Case Study Hayat Lambert Total is a seller and distributor of petroleum gas and oil. The business is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Hayat Lambert Total wanted to achieve complete excellence in its operations by accurately managing its sales distribution network and stock levels. They wanted to simplify their distribution management process, keep an accurate sales record, and track and control their inventory. SalesQ has enabled Hayat Lambert Total to digitize their sales and inventory