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As a business owner in Port Harcourt or any part of Nigeria, including Lagos and Abuja, you most likely will need a system to monitor and manage your business processes more effectively.

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ERP software systems are the most popular enterprise resource management tools. They can help bring transparency in business operations, monitor financial activities, and streamline internal business processes. These operations include manufacturing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, human resources as well as warehouse management. ERP software development company plays an important role to avail these benefits and keep you ahead in business.

What is ERP Development?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is one of the more comprehensive system technologies that streamlines corporate processes by connecting all activities and operations. It serves as a central database into which all corporate activities, including procurement, supply chain, finance, marketing, human resources, and others, submit their data.

ERP software encourages efficiency since it makes data from every department and function accessible to the employees who need it. An ERP system assists a company or business in managing daily operations and provides dynamic information for important decisions like forecasting and budgeting.

Overall, ERP solutions today have become an integral part of organizations, regardless of their size. They allow companies to achieve the optimum level of productivity, efficiency, and quality assurance in their business development and aid effective decision-making based on the modules of the software.

Benefits of ERP

  • Total visibility
  • Enhanced reporting and planning
  • Full-fledged customization
  • Increased efficiency and customer service
  • Improved workflows and collaborations
  • Enhanced supply chain management
  • High scalability
  • Mobility and flexibility

Modules of ERP Software

Inventory and warehouse management:

This module creates data-based reports about non-capitalized stock and assets. It is important to ascertain the health of the supply chain and finance of the balance sheet. This module offers a streamlined workflow, tracks the stock account and minimizes complexities.


Human Resource Management

This module automates the core HR operations such as time tracking and profile filtering. It puts an end to time -consuming task. It improves the operational efficiency, and the self-service portals streamline the communication and approval process. Tracking performance management also becomes easy.


Customer Relationship Management

This module increases the productivity, delivers exceptional customer service and gives access to business revenue performance.


Purchase Management

This module optimizes inventory and supply chain overheads and keeps the operational efficiencies as high as possible. There is improved accuracy of predictions and insightful reports.


Accounting and Finance Management

This module helps boost business productivity and helps you to stay organized with your business processes. It automates financial transactions and keeps track of the profit. It generates custom reports at regular intervals to manage the business data effectively.



This module increases productivity and serves the customers in the best possible way. Gives instant access to business revenue and sales forecast.


Different Industries Using ERP


Food and Beverage Industry

Food and beverage manufacturers face strong competition, strict regulatory requirements, highly variable material costs, and quality management concerns. ERP software development company provides clear, accurate and real-time access to information across your entire industry.

Benefits of ERP in this Industry:

  • Enhanced decision making
  • Better customer service
  • Minimized risk of stockouts and wastage
  • Simplified restaurant and franchise management
  • Affordable investment for food and beverage industry
  • Easy measurement of KPI’s
  • Cost saving
  • One single data source


Healthcare Industry

This industry has a distinctive place among other industries. ERP software takes care of the information of patients, supplies, payroll, compliances and many other things.

Benefits of ERP in this Industry:

  • Streamline healthcare processes and procedures
  • Minimizes operational cost
  • Better financial planning
  • Improved patient care


Hospitality Industry

For a successful hospitality business, there are various aspects that are needed to move together. ERP system automates the process and saves time.

Benefits of ERP in this Industry:

  • Maintains guest history that helps staff to manage customers and increase sales retention
  • Easy to use modules reduces complexities
  • Keeps an eye on ongoing processes through a single dashboard
  • Improved replies to inquiries such as the availability of rooms, charges and so on.


Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is highly competitive in nature, which makes it imperative for such businesses to have an integrated solution that can enhance efficiency, increase sales, reduce cost and profitability but most importantly, enable the organization to make informed and accurate strategic decisions.

Benefits of ERP in this Industry:

  • Automates and streamlines business processes
  • Quick response to market conditions
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Minimized cost
  • Strategic decision making


Construction Industry

This industry has to deal with a variety of materials, inventories, cost control, trades, processes and so on. Thus, ERP software is a must tool for this industry.

Benefits of ERP in this Industry:

  • Manages projects comprising multi-level work breakdown, schedules, and resources
  • Minimizes inefficiencies caused by manual processes
  • Emerges as a single place to manage all projects
  • Captures business data electronically



Why Choose Fortran House as your ERP software development company?

We as an ERP software development company offer excellent ERP software development services in accordance to your specific business needs. We have built a number of successful ERP projects with the help of our professional ERP developers.

We build software for every business size, every system, and all major web and mobile platforms. From finance to e-commerce, retail to manufacturing, Fortran House ERP covers everything.

Fortran House ERP has expertise in building solutions for a wide array of business domains including retail, manufacturing, finance, and distribution. We as a leading ERP software development company have a distinctive ability to integrate extensive functionalities into a single platform, making the management process completely painless for you