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8 Tips On How To Build A User-friendly eCommerce Website

  eCommerce, a big-time word which we hear every day. Whether, big or a small enterprise, eCommerce website development is an unsaid must for your business if you are into trading. With the digitalization and covid19 pandemic, customers now prefer to shop online more than they do for offline. Thus, it is the mandatory stand for business now to consider going online and be available there where their customers prefer to go.


Its one of the first questions we get asked as kids, what is your favourite colour? Each of us probably had a different answer, and what’s more it probably changed over time. But why, what effect does colour have on us? It is a widely discussed topic, what impact colour has, especially when it comes to emotions. So can colour influence how people perceive your brand or the impression they have of your website? What

How to Revamp a Website Without Hurting Your Search Rank

So, it’s been a couple years since you last redesigned your website or your website marketing strategy has changed. Whatever the reason, redesigning a website or migrating to a new CMS takes a lot of planning and hard work. One of the biggest concerns/questions that comes with it is how to go through the whole redesign process without hurting the current SEO ranking that we have worked so hard on. When done right, the process should be