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Tailor Measurement Book App

In bespoke tailoring, customer measurements are very important. They help guide your creative designs so you can come up with well-fitting outfits.

What is HandySeam?

HandySeam – Tailor Measurement Book is a digital customer management app designed specifically for tailors and fashion designers. The app was developed by Fortran House and is used to keep customer records.

With it, fashion designers do not need to have a physical notebook to write customer measurements in. The app serves as a form of digital notebook where customer information like name, phone number, outfit style, measurement, and delivery dates can be stored. The best part is that is can be accessed from anywhere

A tailor taking a client’s measurements.

What can Fashion Entrepreneurs Use HandySeam for?

As a fashion designer, you can use HandySeam to store your customers’ information. With this app, you do not need to worry about your customers’ information getting lost and having to re-measure clients all the time.

Since the app contains preset measurement fields for clients, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to take one measurement or the other when with a client. It is all right there in front of you. Forgetting the style you are meant to sew for your client is also out of the question as there is also a preset field for outfit style in the app.

Another thing you might find interesting about the app is that you can input delivery dates for jobs into it. You can also set reminders in the app so you don’t forget when you need to deliver a job to a client. The app also has a notes feature where you can input additional information into.

A view of customer details in the Tailor Book app.

HandySeam Requirements and Features

HandySeam is a free web app that is accessible on any internet enabled device. In case of a device change or loss, you can easily access all your customer information from anywhere in the world on your new device.

Searching for clients details is very easy with this app and you can change the app theme to suit your preference. Options for uploading customer photos when storing their information is also provided in the app. Editing their details, later on, is easy too.

This app is a great one for fashion designers that are tired of using notebooks to record customer details. It takes the stress of manually searching for their details and reduces the risk of losing all your customer data.

Its ease of use is also a plus for it. We recommend this app to every tailor or fashion designer that is looking for ways to make taking customers’ records easier.

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