Where to Buy Picture Frames in Lagos

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3 places to buy affordable art and frames in Nigeria

Spruce up your living space with fine art that won’t break the bank using these seven sites in Nigeria.

Nothing makes a home feel sterile and drab like stark white walls devoid of art or photos.

That said, you don’t need an entire gallery wall or to spend a fortune to make your home feel cozy and warm. You just need a few pieces of personalized art here and there. And you don’t have to break the bank either.

Here are seven places to buy affordable art and frames online in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.


TalkFrames is one of the first places that should come to mind. It’s not just a site for handmade goods — it’s also loaded with prints, custom paintings and three-dimensional wall hangings for decorating your walls and home.

The best part about buying art from TalkFrames is the flexibility in price. Starting as low as a couple bucks and ranging up to over 50,000 naira, you can buy finished art that’s ready to hang, or you can buy rights to the source file so you can print the art yourself in the specific size you’re looking for.

That said, with much of the hanging art from TalkFrames, you’ll be responsible for framing it yourself. The upshot is that TalkFrames is chocked full of unique, custom frames.


StockFrames sells affordable prints and posters.

StockFrames is a source for high-quality posters and prints at affordable prices. You can find posters of art prints, landscape photography and typography in sizes that range from 5 by 7 inches (13 by 18 centimeters) to 28 by 39 inches (70 by 100 centimeters).

All posters are printed on thick white paper with a matte finish.

StockFrames also offers frames to fit all of the prints they sell, available in various finishes, from oak to copper.


Unlike TalkFrames, Hazken is a marketplace where artists can sell their art. You can buy art, metal or canvas prints, framed prints, wood or woven wall art, posters, tapestries and murals.

While some of the large wall murals will set you back upward of 70,000 naira. Some pieces are available already framed.