Hayat Lambert Total Deploys SalesQ to Manage Their Petroleum Oil & Gas Sales Distribution and Stock Levels

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You Are Here:Hayat Lambert Total Deploys SalesQ to Manage Their Petroleum Oil & Gas Sales Distribution and Stock Levels

Case Study

Hayat Lambert Total is a seller and distributor of petroleum gas and oil. The business is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Hayat Lambert Total wanted to achieve complete excellence in its operations by accurately managing its sales distribution network and stock levels. They wanted to simplify their distribution management process, keep an accurate sales record, and track and control their inventory. SalesQ has enabled Hayat Lambert Total to digitize their sales and inventory recordkeeping and accurately manage their inventory and clients.

Client Profile

For oil and gas sellers and distribution companies, their business models rely on pricing, customer selection, and their distribution management process. Also, due to the siloed nature of its business operations, they face endless challenges, especially in terms of supply and demand. Without accurate inventory management and forecasting, businesses in the oil and gas industry can lose out on many potential business opportunities. Not to mention, poor inventory management drives up operational costs. Before subscribing to the SalesQ app, Hayat Lambert Total was having a difficult time tracking their customers and managing their inventory levels accurately. Moreover, the solutions they previously used were not cloud-based and offered very little flexibility and accessibility. As a result, they were unable to control their daily and monthly sales activities and manage their stock levels.

Challenge Solution

With SalesQ, Hayat Lambert Total is now able to efficiently track their customers, maintain detailed information about their clients’ profile, and effectively manage their petroleum oil and gas inventory. With the help of SalesQ, the business now has more transparency into their stock, knows what is happening in terms of inventory processes in the warehouse, and saves on operational costs by reducing error rates and through increased inventory accuracy. SalesQ being a cloud-based solution has enabled Hayat Lambert Total to store and manage all of their customer information in one centralized location. This has helped the business to organize its data more efficiently.

With the help of SalesQ, the business is keeping its salesforce updated on real-time changes in the price. The sales reps are able to access important information and view any changes from anywhere via mobile devices.


One of many benefits that SalesQ offered to Hayat Lambert Total is that they are able to control and manage their business from anywhere via mobile devices. The Sales Qapp is highly optimized for both computer and mobile devices. The business can now store all of its sales and inventory records in one central location without having to worry about the data getting lost, misplaced, or stolen. Hayat Lambert Total has expressly stated that the solution has simplified various business processes by helping them control their daily and monthly sales operations from anywhere. Here are some of the key benefits the business is deriving from SalesQ:

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