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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The right customer relationship management (CRM) software can help you stay connected with your customers and keep your team productive. In this age and time where there are so many options and distractions it is essential to have a software to help you keep track of your customers and let them know you care about them and you intend to keep your relationship. This is essential for small businesses because at the earlier stages you really want to keep your first customers closer. In this post we will talk about what makes a good crm software and the best crm software out there for small businesses in nigeria

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  1. What makes a great CRM platform
  2. Who can use CloudApper CRM
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What makes a great CRM platform?

Every business has different criteria when it comes to CRMs. You have requirements for how a CRM should perform, and we tried to accommodate, selecting the elements we feel most universally represent those requirements:

  • Ease of use. While the “don’t make me think” approach for websites might be too much to ask in CRMs, it’s something to shoot for. If a user can log in the first time and get a good sense of how the basics work, mission accomplished—but not everything will be as breezy. Providing in-app directions, definitions, and help articles is a must and will help with the more advanced features. Regularly available support and onboarding options also contribute to a more productive user experience.
  • Contact management. Because the heart of your CRM, not to mention your business, is people, how you manage them is crucial. How well do you know them? How can you get to know them better? Where should you put your sales efforts? What’s the best way to connect and stay in touch? A CRM’s contact management features should align with your ideal buyers.
  • Customization. Your CRM should work like your business works. Company-specific terms, data requirements, processes, and the apps you use (see integrations below) are particular to how you operate. CRM software should accommodate your company as much as possible.
  • Reporting. If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it. What do you want to measure? How about forecasting? Ideally, your CRM is able to report on any data point you can collect—sales by rep, sales cycle, average value, loss reasons, and dozens of others.
  • Automation and integrations. Automating processes will increase employee efficiency (and make them happier) and help ensure things like communication don’t fall through the cracks. No CRM does it all. A healthy selection of third-party integrations can connect department functions and boost data collection power, creating a more complete customer profile.

CloudApper CRM is the easiest app for relationship management with existing and potential customers. This modern web and mobile app accelerates the process of capturing and qualifying leads while keeping track of interactions between company representatives and existing or potential customers.

Keep Everything in One Place

Keep Everything in One Place

Many organizations lose customers due to unorganized data. Eliminate these issues with CRM! Our app improves business communication by organizing and storing customer data in a single location, ensuring that stakeholders are always updated.

Work from Anywhere and Anytime

Work from Anywhere and Anytime

CloudApper CRM eliminates the concept of having to work from a computer. Instead, users can work whenever required and from any location using a smartphone or tablet – a big advantage in a post-pandemic world.

Deal With Customers Like a Pro

Deal With Customers Like a Pro

Distinguish your more promising leads from those with less potential. With CloudApper CRM’s powerful dashboard, you can view everything at a glance – helping you gain deeper insights and make better decisions for your business.

Want To Give It A Test Drive?

Fully Customizable To Meet Your Needs!

Instantly customize the CloudApper CRM app without any coding skills required. Simply select the app template, drag-and-drop the required modules, test, and publish. Modifications are immediately available in the web and mobile versions of the app!

Editable App Templates

No Coding Skills Required

Drag And Drop Editor

Eliminate Hours of Paperwork

Significantly improve your efficiency by using the simple yet powerful CloudApper CRM app. Forget about having to search for paperwork -get your answer in seconds with an intelligent search feature, saving precious time and helping you take immediate action.

Highly Affordable

CloudApper CRM app provides you with a powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use solution at an affordable price. The app is one of many available through CloudApper to help you reduce operational expenses. Only $10/user/month for unlimited apps!

Subscribe Now per month, per user

 Unlimited Apps

How Can It Be Used?

How can It Be Used?

Features of CloudApper CRM

Account Management Account Management

Easily and quickly enter important account information like organization details, contacts, notes, and activities so all users have centralized visibility for informed decision-making.

 Account Management
Mobile App

Mobile App Mobile App

Our CloudApper CRM app was built with the future in mind. Users can perform routine tasks right through the mobile app, removing dependencies on a computer and enabling teams to be more productive.

Product Integration Product Integration

Add, modify, and update your product line in CRM for seamless integration with each customer account. Use this feature to generate real-time orders based on market demand and inventory levels to convert more sales.

Product Integration
Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable Highly Customizable

Fully customize CloudApper CRM with a drag-and-drop design editor. Anyone can configure the application to meet specific business requirements without any coding required.

Analytics Dashboard

The feature-rich analytics dashboard helps decision-makers quickly review KPIs and activities that help to improve business performance.

Analytics Dashboard

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

Reduce your IT resource and hardware investments with a scalable cloud-based CRM system.

Email Notification

CloudApper CRM app sends automatic emails and in-app notifications to users regarding tasks, deals, and other activities so nothing is missed.

Email Notification

Robust Reporting

Robust Reporting

Improve sales campaigns and forecasting by generating custom reports for leads, opportunities, sales trends, and more for records over any time duration.

Why Waste Your Time And Money?

Customer Relationships

Build Lasting Customer Relationships

The most loyal customers are the ones that you treat like VIPs. Know and interact with them at a deeper level with CRM’s intelligent attribute tracking system. This ensures that users never miss an opportunity to connect about key news and events that customers and prospects are interested in.

Manage Your Salesforce Better

Your sales team is a crucial component of your business, and you need to find the perfect balance for optimal performance. CloudApper CRM app helps you achieve that through real-time reports, dashboards, and identifying areas that require improvement.

Manage Salesforce Better

How does CloudApper CRM Work?

How does CRM Works

Who Can Use CloudApper CRM?

Small and Medium

Many SMEs in Nigeria are still not using a modern CRM system for centralized data storage and analysis. CloudApper CRM provides a powerful yet affordable solution that can help SMEs to track all lead and customer information for maximized success.


In a highly competitive market, distributors need a robust CRM solution to increase sales, efficiency, and productivity. Track and manage leads, improve communication, and make informed decisions with CloudApper CRM app.


A mobile CRM is critical for retailers that want to succeed and increase profits. Identify your most promising leads, gain access to key information, increase productivity, and build long-lasting relationships with CloudApper CRM.

Banks & Financial

Banking and financial services continues to be a rapidly evolving industry with constantly changing market conditions. CloudApper CRM app provides banks with accurate lead information, performance tracking, and helps to provide a more attentive customer experience.


Telecommunications companies must work hard to close and retain customers in a market with increasing customer options. CloudApper CRM app helps your organization manage accounts efficiently and provides the insights that you need to succeed.


Streamline the admission process, track the best potential candidates, and maintain long-lasting relationships with the alumni community using CloudApper CRM app. Customize CRM per your institution’s requirements to personalize the user experience.

Why Choose CloudApper CRM?

Facility Management Application
  • Efficiency

    CloudApper CRM app helps to manage leads and maintain relationships with existing and potential customers in a single platform. The integrated system accumulates all account information to facilitate a high level of customer service.

  • Affordability

    The software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing model makes it easy for any company to adopt CloudApper CRM app. Licensing is only $10/user/month!

  • Sales Performance Management

    Using CloudApper CRM app, managers can understand their team’s performance and determine areas for improvement. Don’t let any opportunity pass you by!

Short Demonstration

Learn how CloudApper CRM accelerates the process of capturing and qualifying leads while keeping track of interactions between company representatives and existing or potential customers.

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