Top Tech Solutions For Businesses in Nigeria 2021

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Technological advancement such as cloud database is rapidly changing the way we conduct business, regardless of whether you are a small-medium enterprise or multinational company. The rise of tech solutions over the last decade and its impact on businesses today in Nigeria is impossible to ignore. And with the COVID-19 pandemic posing as a threat to people and businesses, tech spaces are proffering solutions to enable people to stay safe while going about their businesses.


At the forefront of these solutions is Fortranhouse, Nigeria’s leading software company providing innovative solutions to solve daily problems in business and personal lives. Fortranhouse is a household of IT experts that has been providing software solutions to businesses in Nigeria since 2013.


Here’s how they are helping businesses to operate more efficiently with software solutions in the hospitality, education, and health sector.


1.My Menu software solution for the hospitality sector


My Menu Nigeria

My Menu( is a digital contactless menu for fine dining restaurants, lounges, and hotels in Nigeria. It’s an all-in-one self-managed menu platform created to help handle operations in restaurants and hotels, thereby increasing the average check value and keeping the staff and guests safe.


Originally from Dubai, UAE by TechMTE, MyMenu is now found in over 300+ hotels and 3000+ restaurants across 30+ countries, My Menu has established itself as a clear global leader in the contactless menu space The platform has been proven to increase the average check value of businesses using it by 30%. The operations include:



  • Tablet Menu Ordering


It’s a known fact that pictures and videos help sell foods better when compared to a traditional menu. The Tablet Menu showcases beautiful food videos to guests, upselling the food. And if you’re running low on staff, the system enables self-order taking for guests to place their own order.



  • QR Menu


Using the traditional menu booklet comes with some challenges. Over time, it gets old and needs to be reprinted. An item or price may need to be changed. And with the pandemic still out there, people want to be safe when they’re dining out. The QR Menu replaces the printed menu where guests now get to scan the QR code on their mobile, see the menu, and place orders without downloading any app. This is going to help reduce running costs and keep guests safe.



  • Online Ordering


You know the cost of paying for delivery services. Businesses can reduce their dependence on delivery partners and build their own delivery consumer base. The Online Ordering system makes ordering food easy for customers. It accepts direct takeaway and online delivery orders. Simply create your own delivery menu for customers, share the link on your website and across all your social media platforms.



  • POS Integration


My Menu system integrates with any POS system to enable guests to make payments with their credit cards via a built-in credit card processing system.


2.Edumaze School Management software solution for the educational sector


Edumaze is an all-in-one school management platform for nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. The school management software allows students, teachers, and parents to log in, coordinate exams and grading as well as the timetables and attendance. It provides a seamless experience for managing a school as management is able to connect all the classes and offices, from the admission process, school administration, accounts to students’ records in one software.


With people trying to stay safe in this pandemic, it becomes necessary that schools lessen physical contact by resorting to the use of digital software to carry out operations.


Let’s see the key features of the software.



  • Manage Your Admission


Student admission is one of the most essential sessions of the year for educational institutions. The admission process can be difficult to handle, more especially for a school admitting a large number of students. The paperwork could turn messy which will create room for errors, risking the reputation of the school. The Edumaze software makes for an easy and error-free admission process where students’ information is saved. With it, managing student admission becomes simpler, with increased accuracy and efficiency.


  • Manage Your Staff 

Having your employees’ information, including the number of staff, their activities in the course of the day, and their payroll in one software will help you keep track of your staff.



  • Academic Management


Managing the academic activities in the school has been made easier and flexible with Edumaze software. Here, you can easily structure the curriculum, create groups of courses, classes and define their characteristics. You can also manage the grades of students and offer exams online since students have access to the system.



  • Student Filing


Processing student files and records can be time-consuming and in some cases, the files may go missing. To eliminate such risk, student’s records are inputted on the school management software where they’re safe and can be easily accessed anytime.



  • Parent Portal/Reporting


Parents and guardians are not left behind in the academic journey of their ward till graduation. They get to monitor their progress without necessarily visiting the school by logging into the Edumaze school management software. The school uses the system to notify parents about essential information such as finances and student attendance.


3.Truthshare software solution for the health sector

Truthshare( an online platform that uses the power of storytelling and technology to drive depression away and reduce its ripple effect on the lives of young Nigerians. The platform was launched in 2019 by two friends, Fortune Bekee and Kuro Briggs to help improve the mental health of youths by using tech to provide a safe place where people can express themselves anonymously, receive advice, get access to professional counselors, and in the end feel better.


Therapists have affirmed that writing one’s feelings gradually eases feelings of emotional trauma. Based on these findings, Truthshare adopted a three-fold approach which is expected to offer a long-lasting solution. They are; a free online writing tool to help users relieve distress, matching counselors with depressed users, and conducting offline seminars which can serve as a therapeutic and psychological session.


This is how it is done.



  • Free online writing tool


The free online writing tool has an anonymous feature that protects the identity of users. This is to enable them to speak up and tell their stories without being stigmatized. Other users undergoing similar situation gets to engage with the stories and offer advice as well.



  • Professional counseling


Licensed counselors or psychotherapists are enlisted on the platform and are matched with depressed victims based on user requests. The platform isn’t only saving lives but also solving the problem of unemployment. People who studied psychology and love to practice their profession are welcomed to register with the platform.



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