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Best Digital Menu Solution For Restaurants 2024 Reviews & Pricing



Engage your customer with beautiful and stunning tablet menu with food images and enrich their dine-out experience

From only $31 per month for 6 Tablets + QR Ordering + Online Ordering + Analytics + Customer Feedback


Streamline your ordering process

It’s an easy to use, all-inclusive menu & ordering system. Take orders directly from your menu and integrate your menu with your POS and kitchen printer to streamline your ordering process! Follow your orders through the control panel for the easiest way of order management.

Impress your customers with your own digital menu. Your tablet, delivery & pick-up menu – ZERO Commision

Our user-friendly, easy-to-use web interface makes it easy to create your digital menu in no time at all. You can customize your digital restaurant menu and manage your orders from anywhere with all your data stored securely in the cloud. And if you find yourself getting stuck, our support team is on call to help 24/7.

Increase sales up to 50-60% with tablet menu

Perfect images & videos for menu items

Share your URL with your customers on social media for Delivery & Pick-up options

Start taking online Delivery & Pick-up orders

Benefits of Digital Menu For Restaurants

  • Update your menu with one click
  • Minimize employee costs
  • Eliminate the need for waiter for order process
  • Environment & budget-friendly new menu
  • Your menu on customers smartphone
  • Customers see your menu without any app
  • Fast, error-free ordering process
  • Promote items, track customer behavior
  • Collect feedback easily

Make your menu items sell themselves with images, videos, features
and detailed descriptions.

Contactless menu

Stay within the recommendations to fight COVID-19 with this new feature, your customers doesn’t need to touch or browse any menus, all they have to do is scan a QR code or visit a link that will display your digital menu with the photos, info, up-selling items..etc, the contactless menu can be easily updated in a min from your control panel and can be opened using any device or tablet.

Self order

Your guests can take their time with the digital menu and highlight the items they want to order, then your staff member can visit the table, re confirm the order and place it. we had kept the high standard of service in our mind while making this feature, therefore the Self order feature only allows the guest to highlight the items they want to order, then your staff member comes and takes the order further.

Photos and videos

Restaurants can add show-off their dishes with a gallery of images and/or videos for items, each items can take up to 3 images and a video of up to 30 seconds, videos will play first and the guest can swipe to between them to view the gallery

Update the food menu in a minute

Say good bye to re-printing or covering items on the paper menu or saying sorry item is not available, with Digimenu you can add, delete, disable or edit any dish, category or menu in under a minute

Collect feedback

With our dynamic feedback module that includes stars and comments you will be able to collect guests feedback in an elegant manner.
All feedback will be collected and stored in the device whether it’s online or offline until the next time you sync it with the server.

E-Menu System

eMenu system (electronic menu) is an interactive restaurant ordering system. Digital menu on iPad or Android Tablet displays colorful photos and presents menu items at their best. With eMenu your Guest can easily browse through multiple categories and variety of items to find those which suit his taste. Add items to the cart and place “Send Order” button. It’s simple as that. Order will be immediately printed at the Kitchen. And that’s just a few of many other features offered by eMenu. Guests can easily call for service or even self-checkout and pay their orders with bank cards. And there’s no need to wait for service, no need to call waiter to make an order or request checkout. Online orders sent via eMenu instantly arrive to the Kitchen and will be ready in due time.

eMenu runs on any of 3 most popular Tablet OS platforms: iOS, Android and Windows. And thanks to flexible system architecture, licencing, pricing and multiple installation options, eMenu can be deployed in a restaurant even with the most limited budget.

Electronic menu can be integrated with restaurant POS systems like Micros, rKeeper, iiko, Info Genesis, POSitouch, techni-web, Transight, Frontol, Tillypad and many others. We constantly expand the list of POS system integrated with eMenu.

Interactive digital menu ordering system makes sure that Guests will experience your hospitality in full measure and appreciate high class service offered at your restaurant. Encountering eMenu for the 1st time always brings bright emotions and satisfaction. And since we all get used to good things in our lives all too soon, most likely your Guest will return and bring his family and friends with him.

Restaurant electronic menu is an effective tablet based solution for your business development. Self Ordering system cuts costs on stuff and menu printing and drives up your earnings as well as guest experience.

eMenu principal purposes are:

— To increase revenue and business efficiency;

— To raise customer loyalty and attract new Guests;

— To create hospitable atmosphere combining high tech, bright emotions and comfort;

— To provide universal means of communication with Customers, which informs Guests about season novelties and additional services;

— To improve quality and speed up order processing;

— To reduce personnel work load and associated stuff costs.

Contemporary digital means of communication makes information exchange fast and easy. And it’s especially important to make the best of modern technologies in Hospitality sector, where Guests can’t afford waiting and waiters still have only 2 legs and 2 hands. We developed eMenu to solve both problems.

Maximum effectiveness, time saving and Customer care are our priorities as we constantly enhance eMenu software to meet Guests and Restaurant Owners expectations. Investing into high tech solutions ensures your business success and prosperity. And it’s especially true for Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts where a significant number of Guests should be served promptly and provided with individual experience. That’s exactly what eMenu is meant for. It helps you to meet all these challenges and succeed.

Restaurant Interactive Self-ordering system reduces stuff workload and takes upon itself most of the routine so that you won’t need to hire any extra personnel even during high season. Digital menu system is a self-evident basis of saving.

Tablet Menus

Digital eMenus

Our Tablet Menu showcases beautiful food videos on autoplay which provides your guests with an immersive experience. It boasts multiple menu layouts that are customizable to match your brand’s unique identity. Tablet Menu also enables customers to place orders, run campaigns, and collect guest feedback, guaranteeing a seamless serving process and enhancing the guest experience.

Social Login

Capture Guest Profile!

Now that we have access to guests’ mobile devices, we make it easier for them to share their contact details by enabling Social Login! Guests can now share their contact details with the click of a button via Facebook Login, Google Login, or Apple ID.

Promptly create offers and intimate customers on the same

If you are in the mood to give a free brownie to your diners today, it’s just a few simple steps and you are good to get it rolling. Or if you have an offer in mind that you want to give on a specific day, simply pre-schedule it from our system. Grab more orders and customers with these offers that can be managed swiftly from our control panel.

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