5 Social Media Tips To Grow Your Business Fast

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5 Social Media Tips To Grow Your Business Fast

Social Media is changing daily. What once used to be a few simple features on social platforms has transformed into more features than users can even keep up with!

It’s important to understand that Social Media is still evolving and the way that you leverage it should ALSO be evolving.

Here’s 5 Game-Changing Social Media Tips To Grow Your Business Fast


Everything you do needs to be led by your goals. You determine your objective FIRST and create your strategy SECOND. Sounds simple but you’d be amazed how many entrepreneurs forget to plan their attack. 

In order to know where you’re going, you have to create a plan. But you have to know your destination first.

Just like when you go on a road trip. You plan your trip with your destination in mind. You get your directions and plan your stops along the way, while always staying focused on your destination. (aka your goal)

Today, as you prepare your social media content, ask yourself if what you’re posting supports the goal you’re trying to reach?

If not, adjust and try again. 

Sometimes just changing a little wording on a post can have a huge impact.


Biggest mistake I see people make is not utilizing content they’ve already created.

USE what you already have!

Have a podcast? Turn it into a blog post. Turn that blog post into 3 social media graphics. 
Have 10 blog posts? Post 2 each week for 5 weeks. (You just gave yourself 5 weeks of quick content!) 
Have some social media graphics you already posted? Post them again. 
Have a video? Post it a few times or cut it down into small videos for social teasers. 

Here’s the thing to remember, MOST people don’t see every single thing you post on social media. In fact, they’re probably not seeing many of your posts.

There’s a great chance that even when you recycle your posts, it’ll be the first time your fans are seeing it.

A quick tip is to use the tools!  Social media management systems like TASSI allow you to set posts up to automatically repost at the frequency you choose.

That can take a little bit of content and stretch it a whole lot farther.


If you want to get the highest reach, always use the newest rolled out features. The social networks favor their newest features and they’ll show them to more people.

The early adopters get rewarded!

Take Facebook Live for example, when it started – Facebook wanted to push it out to as many people as possible. They started giving Facebook Live priority in the newsfeed to help bring new eyes on the feature.

Instagram Stories are another great example, the people who used those first saw the highest reach! There just wasn’t much competition giving them a huge edge over their competitors.

Now, this doesn’t mean every new feature or product is going to be a winner. We’ve seen a lot come and go and some get eaten up by the bigger players…(thinking of you Vine)

But if you want to get a competitive advantage, you’ll dive into the newest features as soon as they become available!


Talk to your people. Talk to your fans. Ask them questions. Get to know them. COMMENT back to them.

Engagement is currency. The more you give, the more you get. 

There’s never anything wrong with talking to your audience. You might feel silly asking them a question or leaving a post open ended but don’t. 

They want to engage. They are looking for opportunities to interact with the people and brands they like. 

One of the greatest tips you can use it to talk WITH your audience, not AT them. There’s a difference. 

That means ask questions and comment back. There’s so much value in commenting back. It build relationships, likability, trust, and most importantly…

When you take great care of the fans you already have, you’ll grow your following faster than any other marketing tactic around.


No matter where you are in your marketing, social media, or even business. There’s someone who has been where you are. There’s someone who’s jumped the hurdle you’re having now. There’s someone who did the work, who has the experience, and who already has the answers you need. 

SEEK them out, learn from them, and do what they do. 

I met a man, (shot out to Chef Jeff!)  who once told me the key to his success was he “Knowledge Jacked” people until he knew what they knew. That skill led him to being an incredible motivational speaker and a well known expert in his field. 

With digital courses being SO affordable and tons of information being free (you just have to find it and test it yourself) – there’s answers to your problems everywhere.

Always be on the lookout for someone you can knowledge jack to help you get to your next level.

There you have 5 Game-Changing Social Media Tips To Grow Your Business Fast, if you use these tips consistently, you’ll see a huge increase in the amount of people you start impacting with your content

Source: MarketingSolved