Improve Your Landing Page Conversions In These 6 Easy Tricks

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Improve Your Landing Page Conversions In These 6 Easy Tricks

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Your website’s offers should not be static, it should change continuously. The purpose of your offers is to educate customers about your buying process, so they need to be continuously evolving.

If your offers remain stagnant, they will fall behind industry trends and will ultimately fade into nonexistence. To avoid this problem, perform periodic conversion tests on under-performing landing pages to fix any problems before it’s too late.

Identifying Potential Problems

If you find that your offers are not converting at a desirable rate, you may be approaching your offers in the wrong manner.  Ask yourself these questions to pin-point any potential problems.

Are My Offers Delivering on My Website’s Value Proposition?

Considering your value proposition is the foundation of your entire company, you need to be producing offers that are consistent with delivering on this promise.  Your value proposition is supposed to be based on what makes you stand out over your competition, so if your offers are not making you stand out they may need to be updated.

Are My Offers Meeting the Needs of My Established Buyer Personas?

Remember that your website, and everything that you place on it, is supposed to be designed with the customer in mind.  Your offers should be delivering content that is relevant to what your ideal prospect will want to know about working with your business.

Your offers should be addressing the following about your ideal prospects:

  • What are their biggest challenges?
  • What current trends are influencing their success?
  • What motivates them to buy from/do business with you?

Tailor your content to meet the detailed profiles that you have developed, and update that content as necessary to provide solutions to aforementioned questions.

Tricks to Help Improve Landing Page Conversions

If you can honestly say that you have developed your content and offers to meet your value proposition and buyer personas, then your issue may lie in your landing page, or in the promotion of the offer itself.  Consider trying one or more of the following to increase your landing page conversions:

1) Attach Links to Offers in Your Email Newsletters

If you have contacts who are genuinely interested in what your company, show them what you have to offer.  Include links to the landing pages of your newest premium content in your newsletter, or try linking to current premium content that directly relates to the content of the email.

2) Have Pay-Per-Click Ads Take Users Directly to Landing Pages

If you are paying to rank for a specific keyword or key phrase, don’t beat around the bush and link customers to your home page.  Link directly to the landing page of an offer that directly relates to the search terms to convert traffic more effectively.

3) Customize Your CTA’s Based on Your Users’ Previous Site Activity

If you are using software to monitor your web activity you should have access to what your leads are converting on.  If you have a lead convert on one of your CTA’s, try to drive them to a related CTA on their next website visit and drive them deeper into your sales funnel.

4) Use SMART Forms to Make Forms Easier for Repeat Visitors

Try using software like HubSpot to develop smart lead capture forms that will give your contact easier access to other offers.  Have fields that your prospects have already filled out automatically populate so that they have less work to do to convert on a new offer.

5) Use Marketing Automation to Send Out Information at the Right Time

Are you finding that your traffic returns after a certain time frame and converts?  Set up marketing automation to notify or remind your leads about useful information to increase the chances of a return visit and conversion.

6) Review Your Landing Pages’ and Offers’ Language

Framing is everything when it comes to presenting an offer.  The focus should be all about the customer, even if your company is the one providing a benefit.  Use wording such as “You will learn” rather than “We will teach you” to encourage a visitor to convert.

Useful Testing Sites

If you are still having trouble with conversions, consider visiting some of the following websites for help experimenting with your conversion events:

Your website revamp is not going to be a quick one-time fix.  You will need to continually improve your web pages and offers over time to generate consistent conversions.  Periodically review your landing pages and offers to make sure that you are delivering on your value proposition to your established buyer persona.

Considering a Revamp?

If your site isn’t fully optimized for lead generation with dynamic content, attractive calls-to-action and landing pages, you’re not effectively engaging your audience. Fortranhouse can help you effectively revamp your website.