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Your website is your mobile office space, it is the first digital impression from your brand to your potential clients/customers, and you sure want to make it a memorable one. Your website should reflect everything about you and your brand, it should properly and effectively convey the message you want to pass across to your potential audience.

It’s said that the only constant thing in life is CHANGE, and as such, its should be no surprise that web design trends are ever-changing, ever-evolving and ever-adapting to the latest user behaviors. Web developers always try to stay up to date with web trends and designs on a yearly basis, so as to find new ways to engage the end users and keep them hooked on a website.

What makes a great web site? Imagine visiting a website and going browsing through it for a while, what makes you stay on the website? The answer to that is, it’s great design, functionality, eye catching graphics, just to mention a few. Above all, the fundamental trait that makes a website work is a great content.
With that being said, below is a list of some attributes of a great website;

1) Outstanding Design

First things first, in order for your website to be topnotch, it must have an awesome design, as this is the first thing that would attract a potential audience to your site. It important to note that, in fostering a positive impression, visuals are paramount and influential because it’s the first thing that catches the eyes.

2) Navigation

“A design is not just what it looks and feels like. A design is how it works.”

– Steve Jobs

In the above segment, we merely covered the “aesthetics” of how the website is supposed to look. As Steve Jobs says it best, we have to make sure that the website works well too. That means all components including hyper-links, buttons, icons, contact form, inquiry form and the thank you page should work correctly and effectively, without errors.

3) Fast Load Time

A site must load quickly so avoid auto-play of videos and audios, especially the ones supported by Flash. You only have 8 seconds or less to convince a visitor to stay, so make sure every second counts; don’t make them wait.

There should be no room for errors with the website’s functionality because a link that doesn’t work properly or a site that takes too long to load will cause visitors to turn away, leaving them with a negative impression of not only your site, but your company altogether. Such mistakes must be kept to a minimum, if not none, because little details can provoke bigger issues.
Know your website speed with Google’s Page Speed Test. If you ca’t handle it yourself, there is a team of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists at FORTRAN HOUSE, who would be more than willing to help you out.

4) Responsive Web Design

Websites should also adapt a responsive lay-out as most Internet users are now on their phones and tablets more often than they are on their laptops. This framework approach uses multiple grid lay-outs that respond to the environment of the device – so the responsive website you view will adjust according to the gadget you use.

5) Great Content

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

– Jeffrezy Zeldman

Design is very important aspect of a great website (if not the moat important), because a good design can attract a visitor, but a great content would make them stay. This is the substance you need to convince your visitor that what they’re looking for can be found on your site, and that your company is credible and superior amongst your competitors.

Finally, after having your awesome designs, fast load time, responsive design, navigation and compelling content, if people don’t flock to your site, then the effort is lost. This is where web traffic comes in the picture and with a proper SEO plan, you would be able to achieve this and much more. There is a team of SEO specialists at FORTRAN HOUSE, who would be more than willing to help you out.